Land Management

Complexities in land use codes challenge local Planning Departments in both coordination of review of plans and the enforcement of requirements of those plans after approval.

SEP Technology provides end-to-end implementation for new processes and full support or enhancement to existing configurations.  We specialize in solutions utilizing the Accela platform. Our team has decades of experience working with various agencies – large and small, as both employees and as consultants. Getting started with us is easy.  SEP has many contracting vehicles in place to facilitate your agencies procurement process.

We are ready to help your Agency with a Planning solution to meet any new challenges!

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Business Analysis and Configuration


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Design and Solutioning


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Scripting and Programming


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Project Management


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Key Benefits of Accela Land Management

Increase the efficiencies by coordinating the review of submitted Development Plans, Planned Developments or PUDs, Variance Requests, Special Use applications, Historic Preservation Applications, and  other binding site or building plans by multiple departments. This, in turn, will decrease the frustration felt by local contractors by making the process more transparent through Accela’s Citizen Portal. Communication is instant and automated.

Accela Planning will track both permits issued and inspections conducted across the various departments as development plans become construction permits.  Inspectors will have – in the field – ready access to the original Development Plans and requirements approved through the Planning  Process.

Tracking of approved plans can also feed information directly into Comprehensive Planning efforts and Future Land Use Plans by capturing future development information such as propose residential units and dedicated open space at the time of approval.   As well, GIS data such as overlay districts is both available in the review process and fed by the outcomes of the applications and approvals by the Planning Department, Planning Commissions and Elected Officials.

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