It has never been more essential to have a streamlined software application for handling your jurisdiction’s environmental health needs and future goals. In order to achieve the best possible successful implementation, This tool should work to facilitate inspections and assist staff in the field. The Environmental Health applications needs to support annual billing as well as manage surcharges and application fees, enable analysis of Agency Fee Schedule with time accounting. To achieve the best possible successful implementation, SEP assists agencies to leverage the combined functionality and features of the Accela Environmental Health Civic Application and SEP Environmental Health Best Practice Solution. This process will not only meet your current needs, but also your organization’s future goals, while providing great benefits to your citizens and businesses.

As part of SEP’s Best practices we leverage our prior experience in working with municipalities to establish efficient workflows while leveraging technology-based system. These aspects include a variety of areas where we have pre-built libraries of permits, licenses, workflows, reports, conversion tools that ensure overall success.

Common Environmental Health Programs supported

Are you already using EnvisionConnect for your Environmental Health application? SEP Tech is working with numerous municipal clients to transition them onto the Accela EH Civic App. We have developed best practices that we leverage to provide successful go-lives. SEP Tech is the go-to partner for Accela on converting EnvisionConnect customers to the new Accela EH Civic Application.

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