Test Automation

Today, with rapid change in technology and technological advances, governments and companies cannot afford to get behind or be careless with
their software delivery. SEP Tech consultants help you to save time by automating software testing.

Support continuous build and client feedback
throughout a project's life cycle.

Agile to project manage and assure a
systematic approach to a testing.

Test Automation for Accela

SEP Tech a Test Automation for Accela products utilizing our
Preconfigured Libraries of Objects and Function to Create,
Maintain and Execute Testing Suits for Accela Components such
as Automation, Citizen Access, Reports and Interfaces. Reusability
is Ideal for Testing of upgrades from previous versions to 8.0/9.0.


LogiGear provides leading-edge software testing technologies and
expertise, along with software development services that enable
our customers to accelerate business growth while having
confidence in the software they deliver. As a premier software
testing company, LogiGear provides TestArchitech, a test
automation tool that alllows testers to easily create, execute and
automate software tests using a modern keyword-based method
for creating a large number of high-quality, reusable, and highly
maintainable tests. For more information about LogiGear and
TestArchitect, visit:www.logigear.com and www.testarchitect.com

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