SEP Technology can automate your current manual test cases and expand the scenarios to achieve more comprehensive results and find issues before you release to clients. Our methodologies allows us to easily expand test cases for data variations, user roles and provide negative and boundary testing.


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Test Case Creation

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SEP Technology has chosen TestArchitect to provide a comprehensive Test Automation Suite for their applications.



Accela Testing Libraries


We are resellers and implementation specialists for Test Architect, a versatile tool that facilitates easy Test Automation of end to to end functional testing and API testing. The tool is designed to allow users to create and maintain test cases with minimum coding knowledge, maximizing speed of implementation, and ease of maintenance.

We provide the following service tiers:

Platinum Level
Gold Level
Silver Level
Bronze Level
On Demand Support Services


Proven methodology for ensuring comprehensive Test Coverage.

Detail training material to get you up and running quickly.

Extensive knowledge in both public and financial sectors that can assist with test case creation.

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